Make Email Your Servant Not Your Master

Have you ever wondered, "What exactly is that Virtual Assistant that you keep hearing so much about?" The answer is simple. A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an administrative professional who provides immediate professional support, services, and skills to busy entrepreneurs and business managers via the communications in business.

Of e-mail accounts surpassed the number of telephone lines and televisions. Roper Starch Worldwide said e-mail is preferred by 48.5% as the primary business 2 way radios vehicle, versus 39% for the telephone and 3.5% for traditional mail.

Off the top of my head, here's a list of the different ways you might use PDF documents communications in business your business. Just by glancing through this list, you can see the benefits of having software for creating PDF files.

Get a business comms line. It makes things easier for tax purposes and you can put the voice mail on when you're not in the office. It also stops calls to the home phone when you have finished for the day.

Hurriedly, as something to get out of the way so one can get off the spot. This is a corollary to the above "listing" phenomenon. Don't shortchange yourself! Again it's time to take communication technology center stage.

While it seems that VoIP is the service of the future for all phone systems, it also appears that people will have to wait as the apps are created to link each kind of OS to the VoIP phone systems.

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